There’s just something about the feeling of stainless steel wrapped around your pathetic excuse of a manhood. You love knowing that a gorgeous goddess is the one denying your cock freedom. It is useless and deserves to be locked up.

Every time you see me, your keys will be around my neck teasingly brushing against the tops of my luscious, milky white breasts. I’ll make you watch the dirtiest porn available and watch you squirm for me, never fully being able to get hard. I’ll have you crying for me to release you and that will only make me laugh.

Get ready for the sweet feeling that dropping your keys in the mail box will bring. Your life will be improved once you’ve surrendered to me. Your cock will thank you for it.


This package is $700 and includes a 1 hour Skype sessions every week for a month. You must have a chastity cage and a way of mailing the keys to me. The keys must be mailed to Goddess Madeline 1812 W Burbank Blvd #611 Burbank, CA 91506.

If you need a chastity cage, you can buy one here.

Payment is accepted via Cashapp or Venmo. Please keep the note generic such as "Website work" or "Consultation"