It’s time you took the next step of relinquishing all control to me.  Throw away that old fashioned chastity cage. It provides too many ways for you to get free. You’re going to feel much more secure in this phone controlled chastity cage. 


I’ll be able control the lock with a press of a button. It will be so much easier on me and don’t you exist to make my life easier? There’s no better way to show your devotion to me than giving me more control of that useless thing you once considered your manhood.


Now you might get to earn the privilege of touching your cock if you continue to serve me well. You’ll have a quick countdown to get it off before I relock it. Will you be able to get it off before I’m done? 


This package is $700 and includes a 1 hour Skype sessions every week for a month. You must have a Cellmate Chastity device in order to participate. It can be purchased through the button below and will be shipped discreetly.

Payment is accepted via Cashapp or Venmo. Please keep the note generic such as "Website work" or "Consultation"